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An Eighty8Keys Production

Eighty8Keys [88keyz] Productions LLC. A Visual Art cultivator of creative works ranging from Products, Publications and Stunning Art on Clothing. Eighty8keys.com is where our creations can be viewed and received by the general public. In conjunction with our creative works, we drop jewels to motivate the idea of a creative people being a force before its physical tool. We use this message to also generate intrigue toward our Creative-Vibrations Collectively at once Directly. Our passions come from a strong inner desire to inspire the world around us to effect great change in the universe, sealed as our agreement to ALL by what we create within this endless world, we ALL live in.

KLOTH (Knowing Love Overcomes “Trivial” Hate). The doorway of knowing our culture is by understanding the acronym for KLOTH. This knowing we have is represented through our Art, Clothing, Expression and Vibration. It is in this we express to your and through you, an array of styles that sum up the highest potential of passion, dedication and will that the True-and-Living Art-Form gives to us-though us. From here is where we express ourselves creatively through emotion, courage, grit & humor. All of these elements craft Eighty8KLOTH’s Way-Of-Being.

We don’t adhere to disregarding negativity over positivity nor vice versa because both are creative forces that are expressed through our oneness, with one there is no judgment just feeling of your frequency that allow us to express our ingenuity.

Ingenuity- KNOWING Everything you do & Everything you Create, Is “showing” Thee Creator’s “Greatness” through-You, as Action

Art Reflections of our vibrational world within us and manifesting outwardly to you through the mediums available us. The True upgrade of our Traditional Ancient Wisdom, within a visual art form. inline with the energy of the hieroglyphs  wayward to Graffiti Art our artistry continues from there keeping a strong relationship to something beyond this world.

Other Arts, such as Music, literature, Dance, and Cinema continue to be an influence on our work to better develop our language in the visual arts. It’s our belief that all the art forms are Thee Universal Creators miracle expressed through ALL Artists of ALL types. To represent all we have to see ALL is One and Necessary in the every “expanding” Cosmic Mind.

If you seek to change the world with this now-clear-understanding then you can’t spend whats-known-as-time to judge it, just become the good within it and it will turn into GOLD.