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An Eighty8Keys Production

Eighty8Keys [88keyz] is a production company of creative works that range from products to publications in order to advertise visual art clothing & creative expression. Eighty8keys.com is where our creations can be viewed and received by the general public. In conjunction with our creative works, we continuously drop inspiring jewels to motivate people in a positive way. We use these messages to also generate intrigue toward our work. Our passions come from a strong desire to inspire the world around us to effect great change in the world.

Eighty8Keys is driven by what we call KLOTH Culture, An acronym for (Knowing Love Overcomes The Hate). Eighty8KLOTH is a movement and a culture represented thought Art Clothing & Creative Expression. KLOTH culture is an array of styles that sum up the highest potential of a person. Our culture is about expressing ourselves creatively through emotion, courage, humor & artistic freedom. All of these elements craft Eighty8KLOTH’s underground streetwear brand and visual IP.

We don’t adhere to disregarding negativity over positivity nor vice versa because both are creative forces that allow us to express our ingenuity.

The art we create are reflections of Hip-Hop Culture & Traditional Ancient Wisdom, therefore, our art style reflects Graffiti Art, Urban culture and a strong relationship to something beyond this world.

Other Art forms such as Music, literature, Dance, and Cinema continue to also be an influence on our work. It’s our belief that all the art forms are the “antidote” to mankind’s limitations in this world. Continuously without fail have used these creative mediums, to turn our pain into laughter, our ignorance into understanding and expand our limitations. Dew to this, love will forever be our message & fearless, its messenger.